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Regional Economic Communities: Exploring the process of Socio-economic integration in Africa

 Author: Olutayo, Akinpelu O., Adeniran, Adebusuyi I  Category: Books (Others), Books at the Centre  Publisher: CODESRIA  Published: April 13, 2024

This book examines how the existence of overlapping regional institutions has presented a daunting challenge to the workings of various Regional Economic Communities (RECs) on the African continent. The majority of the African countries are members of overlapping and, sometimes, contradictory RECs. For instance, in East Africa, while Kenya and Uganda are both members of EAC and COMESA, Tanzania, which is also a member of the EAC, left COMESA in 2001 to join SADC. In West Africa, while all former French colonies belong to ECOWAS, they simultaneously keep membership of UEMOA, an organization which is not recognized by the African Union (AU). Such multiple and confusing memberships create unnecessary duplication and dims the light on what ought to be priority.