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 Author: Julius Kambarage Nyerere  Category: Books (Others), Books about Julius Nyerere, Books at the Centre  Publisher: African Publishing Group  Published: May 20, 1995

The Kiswahili original of this book was first published at the beginning of November 1994. Of the many serious problems then and now facing the Tanzanian people, it dealt almost exclusively with the issue of the Union – the integrity and the stability of the United Republic of Tanzania.  In particular it discussed the challenge to the Union’s existence which had arisen consequent to a long series of unchallenged actions of doubtful validity under the Union Constitution (and even in direct contravention of it), and the failure of the Union leadership to deal honestly, straightforwardly, and firmly, with any of these matters. This English version is a straight (but not literal) translation of the original, without any up-dating; hence the need for this Introduction.