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East Africa – In Search of National and Regional Renewal

 Author: Codesria  Category: Books (Others), Books at the Centre  Publisher: Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa,  Published: July 23, 2024
The contributors explore different dimensions of the challenges confronting the countries of the sub-region, lending particular emphasis to historiography and the nationalist legacy. They stress the centrality of the role of the intellectual community, language policy and the management of diversity and multilingualism in the strengthening and restoration of popular democratic participation and state and policy processes. At the heart of the debate are the quest for an all-round project of regionalisation and renewal and the ideals of autonomous development and social justice. Contents: the rise, the fall and the insurrection of nationalism in Africa; intellectuals and Africa’s renewal; language and regional integration: foreign or African languages for the Africa Union?; language and the east African parliament; ethnicity: an opportunity or a bane in Africa’s development?; ethno-centralism and movement politics in Uganda; and intellectuals and soldiers: the socialist experiment in Africa.